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Andrew Holman and Smith & Nephew: Helping people improve their lives

In October 2005, Andrew Holman took on the Smith & Nephew U.S. Vice President of Sales & Sales Operations position for the Orthopedic Reconstruction Global Business Unit located in Memphis, Tennessee.

From Andrew Holman Smith & Nephew

With over 150 years of industry experience, Smith & Nephew has played a vital role in the evolution of the field of medicine. The company is a renowned leader in each of its three main Global Business Units: Orthopedic Reconstruction and Trauma, Endoscopy, and Advanced Wound Management. The company has provided healthcare professionals and medical practitioners with efficient yet cost-effective tools that enhanced the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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Smith & Nephew ranks among the largest enterprises with distribution channels, purchasing agents, and buying entities in over 90 global locations and its global infrastructure continues to expand annually -- a triumphant feat valued by every employee and executive including Andrew Holman. Smith & Nephew named Holman as President of the Americas for the Orthopedics office in 2006. Aside from working with a team of General Managers in Canada and Latin America, Holman directed all facets of commercial operations, including sales, sales operations, strategic marketing, product development, marketing communications and logistics, and demand planning functions for North and South America.

In addition, Holman was a member of the Orthopedic Executive Staff (OES). Together with the OES, he supervised the areas of strategic planning, business planning, portfolio management, management of operational excellence initiatives, and talent management.

The joint efforts of Holman and his team paved the way for new portfolio management and global launch processes as well as modern performance management systems – all of which bolstered the sales force success.

From Andrew Holman Smith & Nephew

Aside from the company’s commitment to advancing the industry, Smith & Nephews lends a hand in enriching the lives of people. The company is a sponsor of the Freedom Awards, which recognizes the efforts of local and national dignitaries who are committed to civil and community rights advocacy.

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